About ThinkPoints

Everyone Always Has A Strategy

The methodology behind ThinkPoints is based on a natural, intuitive strategy process already hardwired into people's brains. People "do" strategy all the time. In fact, when faced with a problem, challenge or goal, people automatically create their own strategy to deal with it.

Because ThinkPoints leverages an intuitive thinking process in the brain, the methodology is fast and easy to learn. People just need their natural ability developed.


Four Of The Top Five Problems With Strategy Now Solved

A global survey of CEOs revealed the top 5 problems with strategy in business today. Four of these problems are addressed by ThinkPoints.


The Tool You Need To Succeed

Welcome to ThinkPoints®, the exclusive web app for not only developing your strategies but also for tracking and monitoring each strategy until it's accomplished! ThinkPoints® is based on the leading strategy development methodology. Find out more here.


The Leading Approach To Strategy In A Web App

Our leading strategy development methodology is now available on our web app. With "whiteboards" available to capture all your team's input in real time, you'll be able to replace those flipcharts and sticky notes with a complete digital record. Then, "promote" the best ideas to each canvas domain to complete your strategy canvas.


Assign Accountability

Once you've made all the final edits and completed your strategy, assign accountability for objectives, strategies or tactics and set as many followup tasks for team members as needed so they can get going as soon as possible.


Deploy Throughout Your Organization

But strategy is not just for the top of the organization. ThinkPoints is designed so you can cascade strategies down into the organization with each level or department connected back to the "parent" strategy. This aligns, focuses and engages the organization in executing to achieve your goals.


Keep Track On The Dashboard

Keep track of the status of each of your strategies and related tasks on the ThinkPoints® dashboard. You can see what's on schedule (green), due for completion (yellow), behind schedule (red) or still pending (gray). The dashboard is the central hub that provides permission-based access and status to all strategies in the organization. It even has team messaging capabilities for each strategy.


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Contact us now for more information about ThinkPoints®. Use our leading collaborative strategy development methodology and the exclusive ThinkPoints web app for your strategic challenges today.